October 30, 2017

Airtec Int.

Airtec invented the Petrol Driven Impact Wrench in the mid 1970’s and since then have continually improved it to ensure it remains the best of its kind in the World. It is used by every major railway authority in Europe, North America, Australasia and in many countries in Asia for loosening/tightening all sizes of screwed fasteners.

The Master is easy to use and repair, is light, powerful and because it can loosen/tighten a fastener in under seven seconds generates low levels of hand arm vibration. We also developed a Quick Release Safety Auger Attachment which allows the Master to be converted into a Wooden Sleeper/Tie Drilling Machine. Although used primarily for railway applications it is increasingly used by other industries e.g. Trucking, Farming, Forestry, Scrap Metal Recovery and Steel Tower maintenance where it is difficult to use traditional sources of power