October 30, 2017

IS Technology Solutions

Break Pro Freight

This 4 Pressure Automatic Single Freight Car Tester is the lightest,  Fastest and most cost-effective Automatic Single Car Testing Device (ASCTD) in the world. AAR approved for S-4027, the device weighs less than 35lbs. and drastically cuts time versus manual testing



Valve Master

The Valve Master is the most comprehensive and user friendly brake test console on the market. The Valve Master is programmed to test over 100 different brake valves, and the software can be customized to your specific valves. The device performs all of the operations, evaluations and tests, thereby virtually eliminating any chance  of user error or omission.

The valve Master is designed for higher volume brake shops to improve upon productivity over manual models. The device can be used on all valves for all sorts of cars, freight cars, passenger cars, metro cars and locomotives.

The Device is completely modernized and designed to save your brake shop precious time, money & resources. Running a windows platform with touch screen directions and on site reporting, the Valve Master is user-friendly and intuitive. With the Valve master, you pick the test code, hit the start buttons, then go on to do something else while the device runs the test. It’s like adding another worker to your air room.

Pro Shoe: Brake Force Measuring Device

  • Wireless Android tablet allows operator to move around car during testing.
  • 8-Cell model cuts testing to minutes by measuring all wheels in one application.
  • Program provides step-by-step instructions and calculates all necessary ratios.
  • Manual recording mode allows operator to capture any additional readings.
  • Continuous recording mode provides second-by-second data to track changing forces.
  • Includes Clevis Pin Load Cell and brake Cylinder Pressure Transducer.
  • Device can be operated by 220Vac or the internal rechargeable battery.
  • Custom foam-lined case with rollers for portability.
  • Optional locomotive/passenger brackets available.